Business that can give you Extra income

Business that can give you Extra income

Laundry Service

f you have passion for washing and ironing of clothes, this business will be good for you, all you need to do is acquire little skills on how to handle clothes in a professional manner.

Production and Sale of Liquid Soap and Bar Soap

Liquid Soap Production and Bar Soap is a very lucrative business and can be done as a business that can give you extra money. It can be done right from the comfort of your home.

Cake Making/Baking

If you are an expert in cake making and baking print handbills and drop on packed cars, super markets and eateries putting contact information in them.

Firewood/Charcoal Supply

Considering the constant rise in the cost of kerosene and gas which are basic household consumables, you will understand that a lot of people are really struggling hard to have an alternative will be more cost effective. You can order for charcoal from Distributors and supply to Wholesalers and retailers.

Catering Instructor

This can can be done in your home. You can train people on how to make some snacks, cook some types of food and also bake cake right from the comfort of your home and they pay you good money.

Boutique Business

Considering the constant increasing demand in clothes, bag and shoes being worn by most people male and female. You don’t need a shop you can get this items from the wholesale s in the major markets and resell to customers who need them in retail

Wholesale Business:

Wholesale Business entails buying in bulk and reselling to retailers in small quantities. You can make a lot of money from this business if you can negotiate very fine. Retailers want to make profits even at the smallest possible unit. If retailers get a better deal for the commodities they deal on, they are always ready to switch over to to that offer. If you can look for some commodities which people are inevitably consuming everyday e.g Food stuffs, Recharge cards, Vegetables, Fruits, Soaps, Provisions etc. Negotiate for a better discount and transfer the discount to your retailers at your reach.

Frying and selling Plantain Chips

Do you think a lot of people are already in this business and therefore will be difficult for one to make profit might be difficult. Food business is something that everyone interested can always find a space to operate it. What will be required of you is your uniqueness and packaging.

Business Plan Writer/Package

Many people are planning to start one business or the other, some are planning to obtain loan from bank to expand their business, they will need a well written business plan to achieve this aim, if you have the require knowledge, this is a very viable business for you, where you make good money depending on the the type of business plan package. For you to perform well in this business you need to have knowledge in Accounting, Marketing, Production, Strategy Planning and Management in general.

Catering Instructor

This can can be done in your home. You can train people on how to make some snacks, cook some types of food and also bake cake right from the comfort of your home and they pay you good money.



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