Best security agencies in Nigeria

The alarming manner crime rate is gradually increasing in the Country is becoming disturbing, individuals are advised to take a step in protecting themselves and securing their properties.

After much research and discovery, we highlighted the best security companies in Nigeria one can make use of their services if need be.

Nigeria best ranked security agencies

1. Synergy Guards Nigeria

The UK subsidiary security company, synergy guards is the best ranked security company in the country. Their services are top notch and they are are known to provide very well trained and licensed security personnel to government parastatals, educational institutions and private institutions.

Their security personnel work with the cutting edge technology in order to all in ensure optimal security. This company offers CCTV surveillance and emergency and firefighting response services.

In general, some of their services rendered are:

I. Protocol and Escort Services
II. Mobile Patrol
III. Key Holding and Alarm Response
IV. Security training
V. CCTV Systems Supply, Installation and Remote Monitoring
VI. Event Security
VII. Supply of Security Equipment, to mention but a few.

2. ASA Security

ASA Security is known to provide advanced security technology services and they specialize in special protection, consulting and instructing. Because of their popularity among the elite, they provide services to government parastatals and powerful individuals in the country.

Some of their security services rendered are:

I. Manned Guards
II. Stationary Panic Buttons
III. Vehicle Escorts
IV. Residential Security
V. Business Security
VI. Industrial and Shopping Centre Security
VII. Seaport and Airport Security
VII. Safety doors
IX. Personal SOS Locator and
X. Project Management

3. McDon Security

McDon Security offers you customized security logistics consultancy, training services, technical security and outsourcing services.

Situated at Anthony Village, Lagos, this security company is really good. Their vision is to become a reliable partner for families, NGOs and businesses when it comes to safety and security solutions.

The security services offered by McDon Security include:

I. Alarm systems
II. Access control turnstiles
III. Personal protective devices
IV. CCTV Systems, to mention but a few.

4. TechnoCrime Security Nigeria Ltd

Located at Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, TechnoCrime Security is popular in terms of providing adequate security services as well as selling excellent security equipments.

5. KingsGuard

KingsGuard was established in 1992, and it is one of the best security establishments in Nigeria currently. Their services include:

I. Provision of Security Guards and Guard Dogs
II. Sales of Security Equipment
III. Vulnerability Assessment
IV. VIP Protection
V. Maritime Security
VI. Sale of Armored Vehicles
VII. Special Investigation and
VII. Security Training etc.

KingsGuard is also known to utilize the latest technological equipment for their security services.
Some of their top clients include: NNPC, African Development Bank, African Reinsurance Corporation, AIICO Insurance, SEC, Total and Airtel.

6. Damog Guards

Damog Guards has branches in Abuja, Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Kaduna, Uyo, Maiduguri, Akure, Jos and Ado Ekiti.
This company was founded in 1993, and has grown over the years to become one of the major security surveillance companies in the country that is reliable.
Their security personnel are excellently trained to manage all kinds of situations and their services are designed to fit the peculiarities of their different clients.

7. Halogen Security

Halogen Security is one of the most popular security establishments in Nigeria. Their security personnel can be easily spotted in any of the major organizations in the country.

Their services are excellent and they can easily pass as the most popular security company in Nigeria that are reliable.
Their international partner, PROTEACOIN Group which has been providing management and technical support to Halogen Security since 1997.

Halogen security has affiliations with several professional associations in the country such as the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals and the Society of Security Practitioners in Nigeria.

8. Eyespy Security Service Limited

Located in Gbagada, Lagos. Their services rendered include security service, event bouncer service and security guard service.

9. Ashaka Security Company

This company is also known as Asco Limited, and it is one of the leading security companies in the country providing services such as:

I. Supply and Installation of Security Systems
II. Provision of Security Coverage for Social Events and Large Gathering
III. Provision of Trained Dogs and Trained Dog Handlers
IV. Executive Protection and Armed Police Escorts, etc.

10. Proton Security Co. Ltd

rated as one of the best security firms in the country, Proton security services is available in all the 36 states of the country and these include:

I. Guard service
II. Armed Escort/VIP Protection
III. Electronic security
IV. Special Events Security
V. Dog services
VI. Security training
VII. Electronic queue management
VIII. Risk management
IX. Vehicle tracking
X. Digital display system
XI. Consulting and Investigation

Their head office is located in Jibowu, near Yaba, Lagos.

Please if you are having any security threat and needs their service, gradually go to their individual site and get a good service, protect yourself today.
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