Best Oils For Hair Growth

1. Argan oil,
which originates in the exotic land of Morocco, is extracted from the nuts of the Argan trees. In recent times, this oil has taken the beauty world by storm as it is not only good for the hair but also the skin. Called ‘liquid gold’ due to its deep golden colour, it is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E. Mostly, the oil undergoes minimal processing, so it is as natural as it can get for healthy hair and fast growth.
Advantages: This oil is hydrating and moisturising. It repairs damaged hair and protects the hair follicles from further damage from heat and ultraviolet rays. Argan oil is known to treat split ends. The other advantage is that it doesn’t make the hair too greasy. Those who have dry, brittle, frizzy or coarse hair should definitely opt for argan oil. If you style your hair frequently exposing it to heat from gadgets like straighteners , curlers and dryers, this is a good option for you
2. Jojoba Oil
A common misconception is the pronunciation of this oil. It is called ho-ho-ba. Since this oil has many characteristics of sebum, the natural secretion of the scalp, it is ideal for the hair. It doesn’t interfere with the natural balance on our scalps or in our hair.
Advantages: The oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft and works as a great moisturiser, and has several healing properties. Using the oil regularly will make your hair frizz-free and lend it a rich lustre. The best part is that it boosts hair growth by helping in the growth of new hair cells. It acts against dandruff and thus reduces hair fall, and protecting the hair . Those who want to boost hair growth and control dandruff. It is also ideal for those with dry scalp issues and damaged and dull hair.
3. Grape seed oil
Although it is not really well known in our country, grapeseed oil i s gaining momentum when it comes to hair care. As the name suggests, it is extracted from grape seeds. It contains emollients, antioxidants and nutrients that are essential to the growth of healthy hair. This oil is not greasy and it odourless so using it becomes that much easier.
Advantages: It moisturises the scalp, promotes hair growth , strengthens the hair structure, and it excellent for treating brittle and weak hair. It helps combat hair loss as well. Those who suffer from dry and brittle hair, but excellent for those who are looking at regrowth of lost hair , since it revitalises the growth of hair follicles. Also great for those whose hair and scalp tend to get greasy.
4. Lavender oil
Extracted from lavender flowers, it is an essential oil that has many purposes. Research shows that it also promotes hair growth leaving the hair looking fuller and thicker. It helps increase the number of hair follicles and is known for antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. When massaged with a carrier oil, it can improve circulation in the scalp and reducing hair loss.
Advantages: The most important one is that it improves hair growth right from the follicles. It moisturises the scalp and balances the sebum production in the scalp. Lavender oil is also known to relieve stress for All hair types, especially those who tend to have oily hair in the front and back and dry scalp in other areas.
5. Lemon grass oil
It’s another essential from a very fragrant herb. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are great for the hair. Lemongrass oil also has healing qualities, including relieving pain and stress. It strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss.
Advantages: This essential oil has antifungal and antiviral properties, and is effective in bettering dry scalp and reducing dandruff. It also prevents hair loss, giving the hair a healthy shine. It is a known stress reliever. For Ideal for all hair types, but greatly beneficial for those who have a dry scalp and face stress.
6. sesame oil
Extracted from the popular sesame seeds, this is used for many ayurvedic remedies for hair growth. It has antimicrobial properties and it treats scalp infections. It is rich in vitamin E and great for the skin and hair.
Advantages: It conditions the hair, nourishes the scalp, and treats dandruff and boosts hair growth.It suits all hair types, but is great for those who are looking at regrowth of lost hair and want a sleek sheen.
7. Castor oil
This thick viscous oil has great properties galore. Rich in vitamin E, proteins, minerals, it works wonders on your hair. It helps get rid of dandruff and the ricinoleic acid in it can help relieve scalp inflammations.
Advantages: Castor oil not only moisturises and softens hair it also helps maintain the moisture level, and aids in blood circulation, which results in faster hair growth. Good for Those who suffer from a dry, flaky scalp.
8. Rose mary oil
You will have to make this oil using the herb and carrier oil. It is great for hair growth. For centuries it is known to be used in many cultures to improve hair growth and delay the onset of grey hair.
Advantages: Rosemary oil stimulates blood circulation of the scalp. A refreshing daily rinse of rosemary leaves simmered in water retains hair colour as well. For All hair types, especially for thick hair with a rich colour.



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