Best Fast Food Restaurants in the World

1. McDonald’s inside A Historic Train Station, Budapest, Hungary

Not one of the most expected places to find a McDonald’s restaurant, but this strong contender for the most beautiful McDonald’s restaurant is located inside one of the major train stations in Hungary and is the 17th best fast food restaurant in the world.

2. McDonald’s in The Mountains In Yangshuo, China

Our list of best fast food restaurants across the world continues with our next best restaurant being located in one of the most unusual places you’ll ever think of, it’s one of many Mcdonald’s fast food restaurants found in the mountains in Yangshuo, China. The building itself is not all that fascinating but what catches the eye is the stunning location. What a way to enjoy your Big Mac up in the mountains.

3. The World’s Largest Taco Bell, Guatemala City

This Taco Bell fast food in Guatemala City, Guatemala is considered to be the world’s largest of the iconic fast-food brand and is the 14th best fast-food restaurant in the world. It is established inside an old bank building, making it one of the most iconic Taco Bell restaurants there is!

4. McD’s in a 17795 Mansion in New York

When we talk about luxury fast food restaurant, this McDonald’s situated inside a 1795 mansion in the city of New York may just be it! Initially, when Mc’D bought the building which is located in New Hyde Park, New York, the global fast-food brand had plans of bringing down the building.

But, such plans were prevented because the locals around the area who wanted this beautiful historic building to remain as a landmark status for New Hyde Park.

However, the decision to keep the building has made this McDonald fast food the only restaurant of the brand to have a glassed-in veranda that allows visitors to enjoy their meals in grand fashion.

5. Leon – Brent Cross, London

Like they say, ‘LEON is the home of Naturally Fast Food. Food that tastes good and does you good, makes you feel good after you eat it, is affordable and kind to the planet.’ So, am sure you would like to visit this fantastic place if you ever touch down London for a vacay or business trip. It’s going to leave you with good memories, especially for your stomach.

6. Chiang Mai, Zurich

Next up is another wonderful place that’ll make your stomach feel at home, while its environs give you something to gaze upon as well. Chiang Mai is one of the best Asian fast food restaurants in Switzerland.

We’ll talk about the food there, which is great, but first, let’s talk about the interior. This restaurant has a sublime finishing to its interiors, giving it that striking resemblance of a typical Thai kitchen, with all the spices and decor hanging on the walls.

However, you’re not eating the decor now, are you? The food is it is just extra satisfying. You need to see it for yourself!

7. Blaze Burgers, Dubai

On number 11 as the best fast food restaurant in the world is Blaze Burgers, your one-stop-shop for the best burgers your mouth can desire! Located in the center of the Jumeirah Beach Residence area, it’s also considered the best fast food restaurant in all of Dubai.

You should visit this awesome food spot if you ever plan a vacation to the UAE, I guarantee you are going to have a splendid taste experience. The restaurant’s main dish is its burgers, but visitors are also treated at the very best with a wide option of foods and drinks.


8. The Burger King spa in Helsinki, Finland

Next up is another amazing food spot. This Burger King spa in Helsinki is a standout attraction that allows a 15-person sauna where patrons can scarf down Whoppers while getting their sweat on. The sauna, if you want it to be reserved for a private event, will cost you $280 for three hours.

That’s a promotion targeted toward businessmen and birthday celebrants alike. This restaurants also comes with other facilities like a shower, locker room, and media room where you can watch TV or play video games.

9. Starbucks Fast Food Restaurant in Squaw Valley, California

If you’re not the kind that doesn’t like coffee that much, I bet this ski-thru Starbucks, positioned at 8,000 feet will make getting your caffeine to fix a whole lot sweeter.

Inside you can get regular service, but the best part about this incredible location is its unusual takeout window which allows snow-sports enthusiasts get a hot cup of their favorite joe’s between runs without having to make a quick stop.

But, if you’re among those who want to see what the ski-in, ski-out service is all about without hitting the slopes, you can take the Squaw Valley Ski Resort’s aerial lift straight to this Starbucks with a view.

10. The Mickey DC3 Restaurant in Taupo, New Zealand

If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy the services of first-class on-board a plane, the Mickey DC3 will give you that same satisfaction and even better. The resturant is a old abandoned aircraft that was originally operated by South Pacific Airlines, but was converted into a McDonald’s after being purchased with a plot of land in 1990. Surprisingly, the propellers of the plane are still fully functional, but the cabin now serves as a 20-seat dining room where patrons can enjoy their Mickey D’s just feet away from the perfectly intact cockpit.



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