Best Characteristics Of GPS Trackers

Choosing the Right GPS for a particular purpose is one thing individuals should know while selecting a GPS.

Choosing the Right GPS

Cost effectiveness, features, and actual use are three important factors to consider when buying the best GPS device in the market. You can practically shop for this just about everywhere at a reasonable price.

Look for different GPS trackers that are reasonable and have good customer reviews. New brands can also be considered, and they usually come with a trial period and you will be completely reimbursed should you encounter issues.

Essential Features of GPS Trackers

When shopping around for the GPS tracker that will fit your needs, it helps to know the essential features that a good GPS tracker should have. Those features are the following:

1. Real-Time Tracking

Real-time monitoring should be the first thing you should look for in any tracker. By “real time monitoring,” it simply means that the location of the person, object, or vehicle is tracked as it from point to point on a map. You shouldn’t have to worry too much as almost all GPS trackers have this function.

They provide their users with accurate location updates at regular intervals of usually 10, 30, and 60 seconds. Such a function is especially helpful when you’re using the tracker to monitor a car or a even a fleet of vehicles.

And they can go beyond just telling you where your vehicles are as they can also tell its activity at the moment, such as when your vehicle is idling or when it is speeding.

2. Alerts

Alerts are another essential feature for GPS trackers. But there are different kinds of alerts that these devices can offer. Speed alert is one, and it allows you to be updated when the person, object, or vehicle you’re tracking is moving at an extremely fast speed. Motion alert is another, and it’s when you’re alerted about when the wearer or vehicle the tracker is attached to is in motion.

A tracking device can also tell when your device is idling or when it’s making too frequent stops. Geo-fencing alert is another function you’ll be thankful for, as it allows you to customize a certain safety zone for your tracker. Anytime the boundaries of that zone are exceeded, you will receive an immediate alert.

Finally, SOS alert should be another function you should look for as it enables the wearer or user to send out an instant call for help in the event of an emergency or crisis.

3. Accessibility

In this day and age when everyone and everything is connected to each other, it’s imperative that you invest in a tracker that allows you to access its data anywhere you might be in the world. You should also be able to access the said data through various platforms such as an app or a website.

It also helps if the tracker you get has multiple tracking capabilities. For instance, aside from GPS, it should also offer GSM, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities. Finally, your tracker should have worldwide access so that wherever you go in the world, you can readily access the data on your tracker.

4. Historical Reports and Summary

If you own or manage a business, a tracker that can provide historical reports and summaries is a good investment. Having such functions enables you to be much more consistent and up to date with your reports.

With such functions, tracking fleets of vehicles and running an inventory on your assets is no longer a difficult and tedious task. There are some devices that give you data stretching back to at most five years. Having such metrics at your hands helps you to monitor and operate your business in an efficient way.

5. User-Friendly Aspect

Most people who don’t use GPS trackers are intimidated by a misconception that such devices are too complex and thus are too difficult to use. But that’s not what you should expect when you invest n a good quality tracker.

When shopping around for a tracker, you should look for one that offers a user-friendly interface and overall an easy-to-use device. Some devices in the market are ready to use out of the box.


One thing you should take note of when looking for the right GPS tracker is that not all trackers are created equal. Some trackers are more packed with features than others, and some are more expensive.

But don’t think that you can’t have both function and affordability. It is possible to find a tracker that can offer you all the above essential features while not exactly busting your budget.

Trackimo is exactly that tracker. It uses state-of-the-art technology and services and is sold at a fair price. Trackimo comes with a portable device and a mobile application, which users can use to keep track of everything from their vehicles to even personal belongings.

It comes packed with a wide range of features, including the essential ones we detailed above. Last but not least, it comes at a low monthly subscription rate, which ensures that you will get to enjoy all the advantages that GPS trackers can give without necessarily breaking the bank.



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