Benefits of marijuana

Marijuana has alot of potential benefits, why did I say it has POTENTIAL benefits? it’s because Marijuana likewise some other herbs or drug, react differently in different people/patients, before Doctors proceed into treating a patient, he would ask for the patient’s allergies and previous health issues, so as to know if a drug can be used to treat the patient or not, if a drug is misused/abused it can cause severe damages to the body, also note that too much of anything in life can kill, even too much of oxygen kills.

5 Potential Benefits of Marijuana

1. Marijuana can reduce arterial blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for all kinds of diseases mainly related to the heart and arteries.

Many people claims that Marijuana will calm you down, but did you know that marijuana can also calm your blood pressure?

A medical study in 1979 found that tetrahydrocannabinol caused a decrease of arterial blood pressure in hypertensive subjects.

2. Marijuana can help with sleep disorders by effectively improving sleep quality.

People that has used marijuana in any way before going to bed knows how easy it can be to fall asleep after a good session.

But did you know marijuana and cannabis-based medicines are prescribed as official medicines for people with sleep disorders?

3. Marijuana can help with diseases of the liver.

Marijuana can also help with alcohol-caused liver diseases like liver fibrosis

The irony is that alcohol is legal and marijuana is still illegal in large parts of the world.

A 2011 medical research confirmed this, the medical researchers concluded that Cannabidiol cause the death of hepatic stellate cells (HCS).

4. Marijuana can help weight loss in obesity.

Marijuana can help with gaining weight in AIDS, cancer and anorexia nervosa patients.

However, Marijuana can also help with weight loss as well. The right combination and ratios of cannabinoids could help obese persons lose weight.

A 2012 study done on rats, found that a cannabis extract containing a THC:CBN:CBD ratio of 1.0:0.2:0.4, caused a significant reduction of weight gain in obese rats.

5. Marijuana can kill brain tumors.

There are some anecdotal reports which claimed that Marijuana oil treating kills Cancer, but there wasn’t a good proof backing this claim, but in 2014 this claimed was proven right after some researchers proved that (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC and (Cannabidiol) CBD can stop the growth of glioma (a brain cancer).

Actually there are almost a hundred benefits of Marijuana but these are my top 5 benefits of Marijuana.

Remember Marijuana is illegal in most part of the world because of it’s significant damage to the human health, but Marijuana can only be used as a treatment by a High Ranking Medical Expert.

Also SayNoToDrugAbuse.

“These tips are not from a medical expert. Make more findings and/or exercise caution if you decide to try them.”

What are your thoughts on this?

What is Marijuana called in your region? (Weed/Crack/Igbo/Cannabis? ).

What do you think can be done to stop Drug Abuse?

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