Benefits of guava to skin

Here we enlisted top 4 guava fruit benefits for skin. Let’s have a look into them.

14. Rejuvenates Your Skin:

Your skin is the most crucial segment of your body. Your whole appearance depends on it. Therefore, you have to take good care of your skin so that can always look bright, young and beautiful. A great way to solve rejuvenates the tone of your skin and improves its texture and colour is by having some Guavas. You can drink it down in the form of juice or simply the juice extracted from it a skin toner. Keep it for twenty minutes and wash off with cold water. This will exfoliate your skin, remove dead cells and make you look amazing.

15. Protection From Ageing:

To protect yourself from fine lines of ageing, wrinkles and dark spots, we would suggest you some guavas. They are amazing fruits that will protect your skin from the harshest rays of the sun and allow your skin to be firm, tight and healthy throughout the year. If you are in your early thirties, you must be aware of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. You can even use them in face packs to get the best Guava benefits for the skin.

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16. Improves The Complexion:

Guava is really very helpful and beneficial for our skin and hence also enhances the complexion. There are different types of guava which are available in different weather conditions. The pink guava helps to make your skin look fresh. Skincare products are often available in the market which contains guava pulp that is used to make guava scrub, face and body lotion. The carotene, vitamin C and antioxidants are the components which are very useful for our skin. Guava scrub can be easily made at home which basically improves your complexion. Scrubbing really required for removing the dead skin cells and provides a refreshing look. It acts as a natural scrubber for our skin and must be done once or twice in a week.

17. Acts as A Natural Skin Toner:

  1. Astringent property helps to keep our skin well-toned and free from wrinkles. Wrinkles may occur before certain age limit due to negligence and without proper treatment. Those who are prone to this must take appropriate action. You may choose this fruit as it acts as a natural skin toner. The mineral and vitamin contents enhance your skin by gaining the lost elasticity. It also keeps away from acne issues and blemishes
  2. Guavasare rich in B-Complex vitamins, which are essential for proper brain functioning. Especially Vitamins such as B3, also called Niacin and B6 also called Pyridoxine to enable better blood circulation in the brain. This results in stimulating the nerves responsible for the brain function.
  3. Guavas contain high amounts of copper that assist in controlling the thyroid hormones. If you find any discrepancies in your Thyroid profile, it is recommended to consume Guava fruit every day to notice changes in the levels of your hormones that stimulate Thyroid. Eating whole fruit or drinking Guava juice benefits in treating Thyroid disorders.


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