Benefits of Corona Virus

Do you like Corona Virus? You definitely don’t. I will be highlighting the benefits of the Virus. Has it killed people? Yes. Has is taken precious lives? Yes. But, has it taken you? No. The same reason as to why it has not taken you is the same reason why you have to read this post to the end. Corona came with a lot of bad things, but also came with a lot of good things. The following are the intriguing benefits of Corona:

  1. Time
  2. Global Collaboration
  3. Acknowledgement of God

Patiently follow through while I explain the benefits of the world dreadest pandemic. Wierd, right?

1. Time

It’s a not a coincidence that Time is number 1. Time and learning is the most important thing in life. And, luckily for you, you have both of them in a silver plate. It’s so unfortunate that the youths of our time neglect this opportunity. You spend hours lamenting about the dreadyness of the Government. Meanwhile, you forget the two most things in life. Therefore, I bring good news to you today. Which is: utilize your time and learn new skills that will upgrade your valuable.  

2. Global Collaboration

Never has they being, a pandemic that hit the world so hard, as to have affected almost all continents of the world. Definitely, it has negative effects. But, you can also see it from a unique point of view. We are in a world of duality. Everything has two parts: the good and the bad. Duality depends on choice and your level of positivity. In every situation, please look at every situation from a positive point of view. Corona Virus will increase Global Collaboration by demanding the world to come together and find a lasting solution in order to eradicate the virus. Please be positive.  

3. Acknowledgement of God.

It’s somewhat funny how individuals who have never prayed for a very long time, starts praying judiciously in order not to get consumed by the virus. The supreme God works in mysterious ways. He is the Creator of all man, as any creator, created us for a sole purpose of serving him.  It’s obvious that atrocities are happening in different nations of the world. I want to tell you this: at this time of trial, draw near to God, and God will near to you. Seek him and you will find him.


Words are cheap. Probably, the cheapest of all important substances. Today, utilize your time, acknowledge God in this time of trial, and do well to look at the positive part of this Corona Virus in terms of Global Collaboration. Did you like this piece? Do well to comment and share with your loved ones. Bye for now.  



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    This is true, especially the acknowledgement of God, we only remember God in times of trial and things are moving well we forget him

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    It has both advantages and disadvantages.
    It all depends on the way we look at it.

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