Arotiles burial

July 23rd, 2020 would go down as one of the memorable days in the recent momeries of many Nigerians. Yesterday happens to be the day the first ever female Combatant pilot in Nigeria, Tolulope Arotile by name was buried. The burial ceremony occurred in Abuja, at the Nigeria Military Cemetery. Notable personalities were present at the funeral of this fine young lady who is now sadly late. Last respects were paid and Tolulope Arotile’s dead body was placed into a coffin which was placed in a hole six feet under.

The late female Combatant pilot left an indelible mark on Nigerian history. She had so much potential but alas, death would not let her fufil the potentials. Alas, a brave young woman who was a role model to many had gone to the grateful beyond.

At her butial ceremony the other day, there were many things we observed but we have isolated six which we think you should take a look at:

★ It was “STAR-STUDDED’’

By star-studded, we mean it was graced by so many important personalities. Big names in Nigeria attended the final burial ceremony of the late Tolulope Arotile. Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi state and Sadique Abubakar, the chief of staff were some of the big names in attendance. Recall that Tolulope Arotile is a native of Kogi state which explains why the governor of her state attended her funeral.

★ The near perfect funeral sermon

The funeral sermon was not short of esquisite. It was never perfect. The clergy who made the sermon at the burial ceremony tagged the deceased as an epitome of commitment and patriotism.

★ A Military Rite was done

Another conspicuous thing we observed was how well organised the military rites that accompanied burials like this was done. In her honour, a military rite which consisted of wreaths laying and marching was conducted. Several military officers from different battalions took part in the military rites.

★ Strict adherence to the stipulated COVID-19 guidelines

The importance of the funeral ceremony did not translate in a laxity in the compliance to the stipulated COVID-19 guidelines. From pictures and videos taken at the event, many people were seen wearing PPE (i.e protective clothing). Social distancing, one of the most preached guidelines was also observed.

★The heart shattering moment when the mother of the deceased burst into tears

We also observed an emotional moment when the mother of the deceased mourned her daughter’s death. She was visible in emotional pains. She was not the only one who shed tears though, several family members joined in the emotional outburst.

★ How the corspe in the coffin was brought out

The coffin in which the corspe of Tolulope Arotile was brought featured the national colours: green and white. I believe it was done to demonstrate the high level of the deceased’s patriotism. Take a look at the place below:

A red carpet was reserved for the path on which those carrying her coffin would pass. Obviously, red carpets are for important personnels and that therefore translates into Tolulope Arotile being considered as an important person to the nation.

See more photos taken at the burial ceremony of Tolulope Arotile:

These were the 6 conspicuous things we observed at Tolulope Arotile’s burial.

May her soul rest in peace. May God, in his infinite mercies, console the family she left behind.

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    May your perfect soul (Arotile ) continue to rest in the house of the lord almighty. And the lord shall continue to comfort those you left behind

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    Thanks for sharing

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    May his soul rest in peace

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    May he Rest In Peace

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    May his soul rest in peace

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