Anonymous message gone wrong

During this period of self isolation to curb the spread of COVID19 in the Nation, citizens developed means of keeping themselves happy by playing games for entertainment purpose.

An app (kubool) was created for entertainment purpose but individuals started abusing it and using it as a revenge mechanism to get back at those they had issues with. A hand full also used it as a ploy to express their feelings and desires to various individuals. People got responses that was degrading while some got admiration and praises.

Meanwhile after individuals made use of the app for their selfish revenge scheme, various institutions decided to bring it into school Whatsapp group chat. Departments and secondary school found a means of getting back at their rivals without exposing their identity, people were publicly humiliated and disgraced.This quarantine period has made a lot of people really bitter and bored. Let’s not forget that people fell inlove too. Kubool app had created a means to express your innermost desire with your identity being discreet.

A lady has demanded that the app should be shut down because it exposed how she was sleeping around with lecturers for grades and how the departmental boys had carnal knowledge of her. A guy was publicly humiliated on how he takes advantage of ladies anytime they visits him.

People are really taking the anonymous message to a different level, some were asked to drop their account number and was duely credited while some got dates and amazing compliment.

Over the isolation period, partners has broken their relationship after venturing into this anonymous game, some relationship bonds was strengthen, some has gone into deeper isolation due to bad words and comments.

Secondary schools are not left out, they went as far as calling out their fellow students that do bed wet, those that steals and those that are dirty. A lot of people started leaving the group chats because they were mocked.

Secrets was exposed, bonds were broken and emotions was scattered. Anonymous message.



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    You should’ve shown us some pictures

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      I will next time, thanks

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    Lesson learnt: know the kind of things you share with your so called friends. Do not trust someone too much to letting them know everything about you.

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      Nice one

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    Nothing is fair in life, and no secret is kept forever if you want to play the game be ready to dance to the tune.

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      True talk

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      True dear

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    Nothing is fair in life, nobody forced anybody to play d game, if you played be ready to accept anything you see.

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    I never liked the game sef…

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      I support you

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    Funny game

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    This game is scary

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    People really got hurt by this game

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    Dis game has caused lot of troubles to people

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    hahahahahaha isaw some pix that i laughed so hard

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    it should have remained anonymous

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    Nice info

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    True talk

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    This one enter our group chat and e come scatter table for there

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    TBH I don’t like this anonymous message
    You feel something about someone walk up to the person and speak up

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