Amazing workspaces for digital nomads: Canggu, Bali

Once a sleepy surfing village known for its beginner-friendly waves and picturesque sunsets, Canggu has transformed into a booming digital nomad hub. Located northwest of Bali’s trendy hotspot, Seminyak, this coastal paradise has exploded in popularity thanks to its abundance of work-friendly cafes, cutting edge co-working spaces and the favourable climate.
For remote workers looking for their own slice of heaven, Canggu offers the perfect balance between peaceful villas boasting rice paddy views and a bustling cafe scene. Here are some of the very best places in Canggu to take your laptop.

Rice field in Canggu as the sun sets
Rice field in Canggu © Nick Papadatos / Lonely Planet
Co-working spaces
Dojo Bali
As the region’s original co-working space, ‘the Dojo’ has been a mainstay during Canggu’s digital evolution since its inception in 2015. Located a short walk from Echo Beach, Dojo is a popular choice for co-working first-timers who daydream of idyllic beachside lunch breaks and sundowners. With a thriving members’ community built around skill-sharing and collaboration, you might initially come for the relaxing vibe and lightning-fast fibre optic internet, but you’ll stay for the connections you make with your fellow location independent workers. The weekly events and in-house cafe make Dojo a firm favourite amongst Canggu’s freelancing community.

High-ceilinged space at Outpost
The stylish layout of Outpost © Nick Papadatos / Lonely Planet
With well-established locations in both Ubud and Cambodia, Outpost’s stylish layout and emphasis on lifestyle design attracts focused young professionals, remote workers and entrepreneurs, all eager to plug in and drive their digital empires forward. There are noticeable luxuries too, which give Outpost a polished, clean feel. Think ergonomic chairs, spacious workspaces and an airy design reminiscent of a modern Balinese villa. Outpost has also won plenty of digital nomad fans for its friendly staff, outdoor pool area and on-site barista.

Views of green rice fields from the co-working space at District
Views of rice fields from District © Nick Papadatos / Lonely Planet
The third musketeer amongst the trio of Canggu’s co-working spaces, District (formerly known as C’ugh House), offers a low-key alternative with an enviable rice paddy view. While it might not have the same community vibe as Dojo, or the chic luxuries of Outpost, it does have a killer breakfast and lunch menu and great coffee to satisfy even the pickiest of caffeine purists. District also offers a 2-hour free pass to use the internet with any purchase, making this a popular option for part-time workers who aren’t ready to commit to a full-on membership yet.

The work-friendly cafes
If the jungle-themed wallpaper doesn’t make you want to stay and work all day, the coffee certainly will. Koloni, which self-identifies as ‘Californian cuisine, marinated in Bali’, offers a unique blend of upmarket American dishes with a healthy Asian twist. It’s rare to walk into Koloni without seeing fellow laptop-wielding cafe-goers typing away whilst sipping on a local brew. Consistent wi-fi, plentiful power points and attentive service make this cafe a delightful digital nomad hideaway for a productive day’s work. Order a coconut bliss ball on your way out, they’re a Canggu staple.

Shared workbenches at Nude
Shared workbenches at Nude © Nick Papadatos / Lonely Planet
Nude has a well-earned reputation as a laptop-friendly cafe. The healthy menu attracts hungry customers all day, featuring a whole host of treats from morning smoothie bowls to evening salads. Nude’s air-conditioned room has become an unofficial hangout spot for freelancers and remote workers to congregate and co-work. It could be the solid wi-fi and comfortable atmosphere that makes this Canggu establishment so popular. Or perhaps the gravitational pull towards Nude might also be accounted for by their extensive (and Instagram-worthy) brunch menu. Either way, you’ll find plenty to like here.

Tables line the windows at Alter Ego
Tables line the windows at Alter Ego © Nick Papadatos / Lonely Planet
Alter Ego
Located directly opposite the Dojo, Alter Ego has started to gather a cult following amongst local freelancers in its short lifespan. Smiling staff and modern Scandinavian decor greet you as you walk in and find your table (or workspace) for the day. It’s no wonder that this cafe has found such quick popularity, as perhaps the only thing more impressive than the robust wi-fi is the incredible value to be found on the menu. Considering the beautiful interior and first-class presentation of each dish, you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised by the affordability of Alter Ego. Catch this place before word spreads too far.

Machinery Cafe
Between the clever physics puns and mechanical blueprints that adorn Machinery Cafe’s walls (including E=mc2 as Energy = Milk x Coffee2), you’ll find a dedicated group of caffeine-loving digital nomads. Boasting a delicious mixture of healthy and hearty all-day breakfast and lunch options, it’s easy to see how this place has remained dependable throughout Canggu’s formative years. As an early adopter of the laptop-friendly cafe vibe, Machinery Cafe has mastered the essentials of fast wi-fi, power point availability and welcoming service. It has also continuously adapted its menu to keep up with the trendy newcomers. If you love consistently good brunches (try the ‘Scrambled Smoke’) at an affordable price, Machinery is your place.

Give Cafe
As the sister cafe of Seminyak institution Kynd Community, this younger sibling is certainly no slouch in the looks department. Featuring pastel rainbow walls, a white picket fence and an Instagram-ready neon sign, Give presents itself as a brightly shining beacon for remote workers and image-savvy foodies alike. The completely plant-based menu offers a refreshing vegan spin on Indonesian warung stalwarts like nasi goreng and gado gado, but without compromising on signature flavours or the traditional low price tag. Give also sets itself apart by committing 100% of profits to local Indonesian charities. This cafe-with-a-conscience offers the perfect combination of connecting with local causes whilst connecting with your laptop.

Co-working spaces with a view of the pool at Pomelo
Co-working spaces with a view of the pool at Pomelo © Nick Papadatos / Lonely Planet
On the outskirts of Canggu sits the unassuming Pomelo, a relaxed all-day dining venue with hanging coffee mugs, ornamental plates and a beautiful swimming pool. The food is tasty and the leafy garden vibes are strong, with the outside dining area oozing tranquillity amongst the intentionally overgrown plants and palms. It’s an oasis of sorts, with laptops and fruit-laden smoothie bowls coupled together as customers enjoy their poolside ‘office’ view for the day, Balinese style. Whilst savvy digital nomads have known about this cafe for years, you’ll feel like you’ve just stumbled across one of Canggu’s best-kept secrets.



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