Air Force and their salary

In this post, we look at the Nigerian Air Force Salary According To Ranks. The idea of creating the Nigerian Air Force was born in 1961 after several peace keeping missions in which Nigerian soldiers were conveyed by military planes from other countries.

This was to enable Nigeria transport its own troops without relying of the Air Force of other countries. In 1962, the government made the first move to create the force but it wasn’t created until several Nigerians embarked on training in different countries to become officers between 1962 and 1964.

In 1964, the Air Force become fully functional under the Federal Government Act. In-country training later commenced which started the training of officers of the Air force within the country.

The same Air force became useful during the Civil War from 1967 to 1970 although it was not yet strong. After the war, the government decided to re-organised the force by buying more aircraft and diversifying the fields of training for officers and men of the force.

Since then, the Nigerian Air force has achieved a lot in its roles of flying troops into and out of the country, logistics supply to troops on operations and air combats notably with the Boko Haram insurgents.

Ranks and salaries of the Nigerian Air Force

The ranks of the Nigerian Air Force are of two cadres-the commissioned and Non-commissioned cadres. Below are the ranks of officers and men of the force in ascending order of seniority starting from the non-commissioned cadre.

The salaries of officers and men of the Nigerian Air force like any other organization is determined by the Grade Level and Step which is responsible for the range of the salary.

Most people try to compare the salaries of the three arms of the Nigerian Armed Forces either to decide which of them to join or just for fun.

Below is the list of ranks of the Nigerian Air force and their respective salaries in ascending order of seniority. These Salaries are based on the Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure (CONAFSS), which applies to the Army and Navy as well. Below is the details showing the minimum and maximum annual income of all Air Force ranks in Nigeria.

Non-commissioned cadre


This is the lowest rank in the Air Force. As the name entails, it is the rank of those still under training to become Aircraftmen or women. A person of this rank earns minimum of ₦122,848 and maximum of ₦122,848 per .


This is the lowest rank in the Air Force and trainees are placed on this rank after they complete training. An Aircraftman or woman earns from ₦592,953 to ₦639,990 in a year.

Lance Corporal

Lance Corporal is the second rank of the Air Force superior to Aircraftman/woman. A Lance Corporal earns from ₦603,918 to ₦661,732 yearly.


This is the third rank of the NCOs and senior to the Lance Corporal. Personnel of this rank earn between ₦623,763 and ₦693,426 per year.


The Sergeant is a senior non-commissioned rank of the Air Force. It is a mid-rank of the NCOs and a Sergeant has an annual salary of ₦677,319 to ₦809,327.

Flight Sergeant

This rank is a senior NCO and is the senior of the two sergeant ranks. A Flight Sergeant earns ₦835,771 to ₦1,019,226 per mouth.

Warrant Officer

The Warrant Officer is the second highest NCO rank of the Air Force. Personnel of this rank have an annual salary of ₦1,022,320 to 1,192,499.

Master Warrant Officer

This is the highest NCO rank and all NCOs retire at this rank or less. Warrant Officers have an annual salary ranging from ₦1,783,029 to ₦1,962,697.

Commissioned cadre


This is an officer in training. The Cadet is paid ₦471,038 to ₦534,773 annually.

Pilot Officer

This is the lowest rank in the commissioned cadre. Cadets are commissioned into this rank on completion of their training. A Pilot Officer has an annual salary of ₦2,077,875 to ₦2245909.

Flying Officer

This is the second commissioned rank and is the rank officers of the Direct Short Service are commissioned into on completion of training. Flying Officer earns ₦2255911 to ₦2620801 per annum.

Flight Lieutenant

The flight Lieutenant is the third rank of the officer cadre. It is the highest junior officer rank next to Squadron Leader. An officer of this rank earns ₦2404037 to ₦2789818 as annual salary.

Squadron Leader

Squadron Leader is a senior rank in the commissioned cadre. It is next to Wing Commander and superior to Flight Lieutenant. A Squadron leader earns ₦2,558,954 to ₦2,976,052 as his annual salary.

Wing Commander

The Wing Commander is a senior Air Force rank next to Group Captain. It comes midway between the junior and senior officer ranks. A Wing Commander earns from ₦3390886 to ₦3895033 as his annual salary.

Group Captain

The Group Captain is the rank next to the ‘General’ ranks. He is like the Colonel in the Army and is entitled to an annual salary ranging from ₦3,726,659 to ₦4,231,579.

Air Commodore

The Air Commodore is the first of the ‘General’ ranks. It is a senior rank and the fourth highest rank. A Commodore has ₦7,396,656 to ₦8,134,745 as his annual salary.

Air Vice-Marshal

The Air Vice-Marshal is the third highest rank of the force and the first Marshal rank. An officer of this rank earns ₦12038945 to ₦16516124 as annual salary.

Air Marshal

This is the second highest rank of the Air Force and the highest ever attained. An officer of Air Marshal Rank has an annual salary of ₦13,363,229 to ₦17,837,414 per annum. All past and present Chiefs of Air Staff have this rank as the highest any of them has ever attained.

Air Chief Marshal

Air Chief Marshal is the highest rank of the Air Force and interestingly, this rank has never been attained by any officer serving or retired.

An officer of this rank automatically becomes the head of the Air Force as is obtainable in the para military agencies but it has never been recorded.

This rank offers an annual salary of ₦16,303,140 to ₦20,691,400 per annum, making him the most senior and highest earning officer of the force.



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