9 Important Things Schools Do Not Teach – You Have No Choice But To Learn Them Yourself

Before I continue I’ll like to let you know that I’m not an advocate of the saying that school is a scam – No it is not, people’s thinking about school makes is the scam.

People think, passing through school will save them from facing the true struggle of life. They see school as an easy route to escape having to work their ass off.

When people go to school, they center their focus on getting a good job by graduating in flying colour

They fail to realize that knowledge gained in school is to help them establish themselves by amplifying their thinking ability, failure to know this, makes people who doesn’t go to school but are rational thinkers, get ahead in life.

I laugh hard each time I hear people say, school is a scam – just because Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and a number of successful people didn’t finish school or aren’t that obsessed with getting school certificate.

Little did they know that this people know a lot more things than people who never went to school can ever comprehend.

I repeat my previous claim, “school is not a scam, the real scam is people thinking about school.”

I purposefully wrote this article to give insights on things that are not taught in school, but can be learned outside the school gate.

If you want to get ahead in life, know did things and seek knowledge on them.

1. How To Sell

The act of selling is important, from generation to generation, selling evolved.

People who are rich and well to do in the society, sell either product or service.

One of the main skill some graduates lack that get rise to the number of unemployed graduates is “how to sell

Selling goes beyond what can be taught in a classroom, (it requires practicality).

Graduates who make it without waiting for employment from the government or private individual, are those who learn how to sell either a product or service.

Our world has advanced, no one really has an excuse for not knowing how to sell – (You can be in your room and sell to people in any part of the world.

You can learn techniques on how to place ads on Facebook, Instagram and the likes, and make sale from the comfort of your home.

You don’t even have to own the product you’re selling, e-commerce is getting bigger each day, go learn how to sell(Dropshipping).

2. How To Negotiate

Another thing the schooling system doesn’t have in place is, “NEGOTIATION SKILLS

This goes beyond persuading people to buy from you – it’s all encompassing.

At times one will have to make negotiation that has nothing to do with money or selling things to someone. In such scenario, being a graduate won’t solve the problem.

Few are talented in the art of negotiation, but most? Fail woefully.

Lecturers have no time to teach students how to negotiate, they think of them as “Adult“.

They see no need in doing teaching an adult, or better put, “Adult” how to find their way through life.

Life on the other hand, is waiting for those students just outside the school gate after convocation day, to teach them the real lesson.

3. How To Face Failure

Failure is real! Rejection and setbacks is very real!

In fact, the chances of someone failing in any task he sets upon is as twice as him succeeding.

No wonder the number of depressed people keep getting higher. People are not emotionally tough!

If you notice, a good number of people who commits suicide are those, one can consider to be well to do.

Many of these people drive nice cars, live in a great house and even marry adorable spouse, but in the face of adversity; they’re weak! Totally weak!

Imagine if they were lectured on how to manage tough conditions and put to test on managing things like stress, failure, setbacks, rejections and the likes – the number of people committing suicide will be drastically reduced.

4. How To Manage Time

But I proceed on this, let me ask you this question.

Do you think students spend more time in school (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions) on daily basis or not?

If your answer is “Yes” you will agree with me that that shows schools doesn’t care about “Time Management”.

I mean why do we have to spend almost 8 hours everyday( – weekends) at school (roughly 1/3 of ones most productive years) going to school, when such time can be shortened to 5 or even 4 hours, and use the remaining hours to be productive on something else.

And as far as everything is concern, ‘Time‘ is important.

A lot of time, people fail, not because they don’t do certain things, but because they did them at the WRONG TIME.

I strongly urge you to seek knowledge on Time Management.

Learn to manage your time well – so that later in the future when you remember that you once read an article that talked about Time Management (You have a course to smile).

No body – not your parents, lecturer or government is coming to help you plan your life. If you’re really serious about your life – Plan Your Time Well because a lot depends on it.

5. How To Handle Money

I think school not teaching their students how to handle money is a planned work to keep a lot of people poor.

Lack of money management has kept many people poor (far more than anything else).

Assuming people are given proper education on handling money, there will be much more millionaire in our world today.

They are many people out there, with vibrant ideas but with poor money management knowledge.

A good way to start, is to open your eyes – study real rich people (not those other ones ooo).

Get to know the way they think. Adopt new mentality. Get books on finance (books that will affect your life positively)

RICH DAD POOR DAD, THE MILLIONAIRE MINDSET, THE RICH MAN IN BABYLON are some good book. If you get those books (your life will never remain the same).

6. How To Invest Money

A good indication of lack of money investment education is wrong handling of money.

It is when you’re not informed on how to handle something that you can’t multiply it.

Investing money wisely is a fraction of good money handling capability.

Aside reading books that talk about money and listening to wealthy individuals, also endeavour to read book on investing.

Listen to investors and put to practice; the things you’ve learnt.

If you lend a million dollar each to two people, one whom is a graduate but with no prior knowledge on investing, and the other, an illiterate who is financially educated. With an agreed to have your funds back in the next decade.

If will shock you to discover that the educated one will find it relatively hard to multiply the capital in respect to that of the illiterate but financially educated fellow (that is the power of being financially educated)

7. The Principles of Success

A good number of graduates do not want to accept the reality that life throws at them after graduating from school.

Most graduates prefer searching endlessly for unavailable jobs. Rather than to go learn a skill and fend for themselves, they wait for others to cater for them indirectly.

They don’t want want to go through the process of success.

Determination, perseverance, commitment, stong-willed and focus, are not totally out of their dictionary, but clearly invincible in it.

They want to look clean while hustling(Impossible) – you can’t be slaying and hustling (you will have to choose one)

If I should loud the volume nw, it will be like I’m throwing banters at our ladies, let me just proceed.

To be better off after school, don’t wait till convocation date before and start looking for a job – (build one while you’re in school).

Have a side hustle. Team up with SERIOUS FELLOWS (If need be).

Fail, fail, and keep failing – if you don’t quit, you will definitely succeed and be better than your mates on convocation date.

8. How To Start a Business

Business school are created to take care of this, but we need to be sincere with ourselves.

How many percentage of students went to business schools?

Failure of schools to give students practical knowledge on how to start a business, shield their vision from wanting to start one after school.

Most graduate prefer working for someone else and been underpaid to building their own business gradually – A thing, most people regret in their old age.

If you want to learn about business – look beyond the school wall.

Get a mentor, read business books and start a business.

9. The Importance Of Good Exercise

The only few students who are exempted on this, are those in the medical line.

Schools do not emphasis on the importance of good exercise.

Indeed we know the value of things when we no longer have them – It is when these students grow old that they realize the importance of exercise. Unfortunately, it is often too late.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve learn one or two things. Like, comment and share this post.

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