7 Golden Rules To Live By

Life as we may have all come to realise, is not a bed of roses.

We are faced with many challenges, many a time we are let down by people we trust the most and are abandoned by people at that point we need them the most.

As such, having principles to live by is one of the few survival skills strongly recommended for every living being.

Below are some carefully sorted out maxims to live by from which you are free to select ones that appeal to you the most.

1. Man know thyself:

Never forget where you came from as that is how you remember where you are heading to.

Socrates said that a life which is not examined is not worth living.

As funny as it might sound, a lot of people don’t really know know themselves. As we all know, we are all special being, but have you ever stood still to wonder what it is that makes you different from others? Is it your beauty? Or intelligence? Or Character?. This is an important task for you to find out as it will form a solid basis for your overall development and self improvement. If you are a sports person, then you should train more often and a music inclined should try to learn an instrument and perfect in it as this would boost your overall interest in music the more.

2. Be informed:

I would have said, be educated, but be informed would be a better phrase. Many of the world’s most successful people happen not to have completed education per say, but thy are actually well informed in the area it is they are specializing on. And do note that education is very crucial in one’s life, they only chose not to continue because they had a set goal of what they would like to achieve with an educational degree, but it happened that the heavens smiled on them earlier on and they achieved such even before getting the degree. And combining a growing multi million dollar business with school isn’t so easy and as such, they had to drop out. But do note that at some point later on when the business was a little bit stable, some went back to school to get a degree. For example, Zuckerberg went back to college for a business degree course. This is because they are very much aware of the importance of education even though they made it in life before completing the education.

3. Always smile:

Not only do you look more beautiful when you smile, but you also look more approachable. People would freely connect with you if you are a person that smiles a lot and as such your network of friends would grow faster and larger, and do note that your network defines your networth. So ensure to always put on a smile as you are not fully dressed without putting a smile on. Also, do ensure to put smile on other people’s face too, as this is an invaluable skill to possess.

4. Be vibrant:

Being dull hasn’t really helped much people. Are you the type of person to sit back and watch opportunities pass you by because you are shy or have a low self esteem? If you are, then endeavour to desist from such acts as soon as possible. If you are a shy person, try to join social clubs and gathering that would force you to speak in public, with time and persistence, you will find yourself being a perfect public speaker soon enough. And the sooner you start being vibrant, the better.

5. Be intelligent:

I don’t really mean in terms of passing examinations, that’s cool and all, but don’t be the type of Peron that passes in class and fails in life, as the later is more important to pass in than the former. Study has shown that there is hardly any very intelligent person that dies of abject poverty. Mere seeing yourself in such a situation, would be enough to bring out the intelligence in you to tackle what it is that makes you poor and return to being affluent. This is what I call passing in life.

6. Listen to good pieces of advise:

Show me a man that loves wisdom, they say, and I will show you a great man. There are so many sources of wisdom these days ranging from books, articles and so on. But as the saying goes, “if you want to hide something from a black man, write it in a book”. If you are the type that don’t really like reading that much, you can source wisdom from wise old men. But be cautious of who you take advise from, of course, you would be able to sort the ones that are worthwhile and keep for yourself and then leave the rest.

7. Learn to take corrections:

If you are the type of person that hardly takes corrections from anyone, then you really need to stop it, learn to take corrections from people and thank them for correcting you as this would encourage them to correct you more and hence you grow better every other day.

Hope you like my article guys, please add other rules you feel should be here in the comment section, I would love to learn from you too. And please do ensure to follow my page, like and share my articles to your friends and all your loved ones you wish to help improve their lives.



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