6 Best GPS Tracking Device And Uses

There is this urge individuals, especially business owners possess about their business, getting a reliable GPS can go a long way in dealing with it, this article will discuss about different GPS trackers. It will also state how GPS trackers work.

If you’re a businessman who has a fleet to monitor or is simply looking for a reliable tool that will help you with directions, then a GPS device for fleet tracking is something you will find very useful.

Global positioning system, or simply known as GPS, has been used by the military until it was opened for public use during the 1980s and became fully operational in 1995.

It involves a network of satellites that provide accurate location, time, and even weather information for commercial, personal, and military purposes in the form of different GPS trackers.

Users receive the information through a GPS navigation device or also known as GPS receivers. This can be either found in your smartphone or are available in your local electronics shop.

Basically, different GPS trackers are units capable of providing accurate information no matter where you are in this world. They do, however, vary in terms of their features.

How GPS Trackers Work

It has long been a practice of humans to look up to the sky for directions. Satellites that strategically circle the earth send out information to the GPS units, which constantly listen to analyze all the signals sent.
The GPS units then calculate how far they are from these satellites and help determine location through GPS.

All these pieces of information are then shown through the screen/application of the GPS unit.

Simply put, GPS tracking is basically a system of determining the exact location of something or someone. A GPS tracker can be placed on a pet, a loved one, a vehicle, and even baggage to be able to trace where they are in case they get lost or are misplaced.

These devices also have their uses in the commercial, industrial, and military fields. Overall, GPS tracking is an efficient and versatile technology that can be used for different purposes.

Different GPS Trackers and Their Uses

Just as GPS technology can have different purposes, there are also a variety of GPS trackers you can find in the market.

1. Portable GPS

Portable GPS are convenient for those traveling either through a vehicle or by foot. They are not typically pocket-sized, though, and measure 4 inches wide and weigh 10 ounces. But they can be used by simply attaching them to a pet’s collar, a backpack, and even in car compartments. Because this type of tracker is wireless and portable, it can easily be transferred to other pets, backpacks, or vehicles.

2. Pocket GPS

As the name implies, this lightweight GPS tracker can be slipped in small compartments. Despite its size, the pocket GPS is more costly than portable units. Even though it is small-sized and lightweight, this kind of tracker is still packed with features that you’d also find in regular trackers.

3. In-Dash Receivers

These receivers are mounted on a car’s dashboard. They are either installed by companies themselves or are already a built-in feature in automobiles. One big advantage users can expect from in-dash GPS receivers is that they don’t pose the risk of ever getting misplaced or lost due to the fact that they are permanently attached to your dashboard.

4. Fitness and cycling trackers

Fitness and cycling GPS trackers are perfect for those who live an active lifestyle. Joggers, marathon runners, and even cyclists take advantage of its wristwatch-like design. More and more trackers are being developed in the market nowadays with features that range from measuring steps, pacing, calories burned, and distance covered.

5. Motorcycle GPS

Basically, motorcycle GPS trackers have the same function as those installed in cars. The difference is in its size and features, which include being waterproof, conveniently sized, and even resistant to vibration. Others available in the market have more advanced features like being able to send speed limit warning, having Bluetooth technology, and being fuel-spill resistant.

6. Marine GPS

Marine GPS are understandably the most advanced on this list. Its functionality includes a marine database and detecting sound signals and even buoys. These kinds of trackers are mainly for use by the military or the government, often in strictly confidential missions and projects.



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