3 Ways to Turn Facebook Messenger Ads into a Powerful Marketing Tool

In this guide, we’ll focus on Facebook Messenger, which has proven to be a useful marketing tool when leveraged correctly. Here are three ways to advertise your business using Facebook Messenger Ads.

1) Click-to-Messenger Ads

This is the most popular Messenger ads for marketers—and there’s a good reason why. Its primary purpose is to build a subscriber list and a loyal following by starting conversations with new people. Click-to-Messenger ads look like regular ads on Facebook, but you’re redirecting users to Messenger instead of your website or a landing page.

Also called Destination Ads, this type of ad can be customized by adding an image, video, slideshows, carousel, etc. Users can tell that it’s a destination and when they see a call to action button that says, “Get Started” or “Send Message.”

This UK software development company uses Click-to-Messenger Ads to target prospective customers. They take advantage of the fact that the ad can be used to target anyone based on their interests and behaviors. Knowing that their target audience is tech-savvy, the company strives to communicate where their customers like to communicate. And right now, that place proves to be messenger apps.

2) Sponsored Messages

Here’s something that adds a human element to your brand. Sponsored Messages offer an excellent opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations with potential customers. Take note that you can only send these messages to people who have messaged you before, which means it can be effectively used to re-engage with those who have already shown interest in your brand.

Sponsored Messages look like an ordinary message on Facebook Messenger, but it comes from a brand instead of a friend. After creating your message, you can send it to everyone with an existing message with you, but you can decide to narrow down your list for better targeting.

3) Messenger Home Placement

This one isn’t a type of ad, but a new place that may prove more effective in capturing targeted leads. Your ads can now show up inside Messenger home rather than a specific conversation. The ads are labeled “sponsored” to set it apart from the other conversations of your audience.

What makes this new placement interesting is that those who click on your ad can be redirected to a landing page or inside a Messenger conversation. As always, you should experiment to see what works better for your business. Be particularly careful when sending clickers to a website. Since they’re already on MessengerFeature Articles, they might find the experience intrusive.



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    This UK software development company uses Click-to-Messenger Ads to target prospective customers.

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