21 different type of people you meet in parties

The 21 Different Kinds Of People You Meet At Parties
1. The Social Butterfly.
This person knows everyone and anyone, and will most likely never be seen on the dance floor unless they are talking to someone there.

2. The Twerker.
Every song is their song and they can only express it through shaking what their momma gave them.

3. The Tinder Match.
It always happens and it is always awkward. These people will usually send you a variation of the message “I see you” from across the room and make things really awkward. This person may be someone you want to avoid.

4. The Guy Who Flirts With Everyone.
You can literally watch this guy move from girl to girl after he gets repeatedly shut down. Kudos for persistence but not so much when you are the next person they are trying to chat up.

5. The Party Pooper.
The person who is in the crowd who stands out like a sore thumb because they clearly don’t want to be there. This person will typically refuse to dance, drink, or talk to anyone and will be begging their friends to go home with them.

6. The Snapchatter and Photographer.
This person will be avidly recording the whole party with the flash on or taking pictures in the middle of the crowd forcing everyone to get out of the shot. I mean, did the party even happen if there aren’t pictures to prove it?

7. The Sleeper.
This person could be anywhere for the duration of the party, and they are usually passed out before everyone gets there. They’ll make you feel a little better knowing you’re holding it together better than them.

8. The Cryer.
This person has hit a wall where the only thing left to do is cry. They could be crying about anything and everything but at the same time refuse to go home. I’m sure we’ve all met and been this person at some point.

9. The Dude Who Always Starts Fights.
That moment when good old fashioned fun turns into an all-out brawl is caused by this dude. Mix his testosterone and whatever he’s drinking and he’s on the move, ready to push another guy to defend his pride. Common signs to look out for before a fight breaks out: took pre-workout before the party, repeatedly pushes guys and says, “Bro, WTF?” with his eyes crossed. Don’t get caught up in this mess.

10. The Insanely Attractive Girl.
This girl can literally make every girl hate herself and every guy want her before she can even grab a beer at the party. Her makeup is usually flawless even though it’s near the end of the night. Her outfit is on point and she is oozing confidence. She makes sure her presence is known.

11. The Insanely Attractive Guy.
He knows he’s attractive and he doesn’t try and hide it. He’ll be seen either talking to multiple girls at once or getting it on with one at the dance floor. He also likes to make eye contact with every girl in the room because he is always scoping out his next slam piece.

12. The Same Person You Literally See at Every Party.
This person miraculously shows up at every single party you are at. Coincidence or stalking, you haven’t decided, but you always have to give that awkward wave and “hey!” At this point, you don’t know if you guys are friends or acquaintances, but either way sometimes it’s nice to see a friendly face at a party.

13. The Kid Getting Drunk For the First Time.
This poor kid has no idea what he’s in for as everyone keeps feeding him shot after shot. His night will go from “hell yeah!” to “oh no” in less than an hour as the lightweight takes over and he’s down for the count. It’s fun giving this kid his first real college experience, but not when you’re the one taking care of him.

14. The Awkward Couple in the Corner.
This couple can be seen either arguing loudly or practically f**king on the dance floor. Either way they make things awkward. These people don’t really know the concept of time and place, and everyone at the party feels both awkward and intrigued by the couple drama.

15. The Guy Who Thinks Beer Pong is the Olympics.
Okay, this guy really sucks. Maybe you’re just trying to enjoy a casual game of beer pong and the guy on the other side becomes a rule Nazi and keeps yelling “elbows” or critiquing the way you are playing. He can be compared to Ben Stiller’s character in the movie “Dodgeball.” Just avoid playing pong when he’s around because I guarantee it wont be a fun game unless they win.

16. The Person Who “Doesn’t Even Go Here.”
These people are from the local town or from the college a few miles away who make their way to the parties every weekend. They stand out because they are usually eagerly trying to make friends so they can hit you up for any parties later, and most likely because their friends ditched them and they have no idea where they are.

17. The Screamers and Singers.
This is for the girls who scream every time one of their friends show up the party, followed by loudly singing every word to “IDFWU” like they’re actually on stage performing. They will know every word to a song the DJ puts on and every person walking in the room. A party wouldn’t be the same without them.

18. The Birthday Girl.
The birthday girl at the party is the center of attention. Everyone signs her birthday sign whether they know her or not and will stop the music several times to sing her the birthday song while urging her to finish her birthday drink. She’s the girl on top until the alcohol takes over and she’s a walking sh*t show. Every girl has an expiration time and that’s about two hours after they started their night.

19. The Blackout.
Beware of this person at all costs, since they have no idea what they are doing they can destroy everything in their path easily. They can be described as a person who stares blankly at you, mumbles, cries, gets angry, and can’t even function. Get this person’s help or find someone who can, because they need to be taken care of before something goes down.

20. The Runaway.
The person who’s attention span is smaller than a gold fish when they party, and likes to run away from their friends for no particular reason. You can typically see this person running across the dance floor and in and out of the party, with a group of friends running and screaming after them. It’s best to invest in one of those backpack leashes for these people.

21. And the Greatest People You’ll Ever Meet.
These people are your friends, the people who get you through every night, and the ones who make it memorable. These are your people who have to be at every party with you. These can also be those people you meet in the bathroom who compliment you and later become your BFF. Between you and your group of friends, I am sure all of you have been every person on this list.



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