20 Foods You Enjoy And Didn’t Know Is Killing You Slowly

Are you conscious that you consume foods every day that kill you slowly? Many of us have a few of these items on our menu, but you can get a deadly combination if you combine them all, so you need to start making dietary changes. To determine what you are eating now, and to start making the right choices. Here’s a list of 20 foods that kill you slowly. Seek to restrict or reduce the consumption of those foods as much as possible.

Some of those foods lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. Don’t forget about obesity and all the anxiety and depression it could bring.

1.     Canned Tomato Sauce

Canned tomato sauce is a murderous cover-up. This is a hidden sugar source and it will never even cross your mind that it can lead to an increased risk of obesity , diabetes , heart disease, and even tooth decay. Using fresh tomatoes to make your sauce or transform to pure tomatoes without the extra sugar or salt, and add your spices to prevent these problems. Or at least opt for products that are sugar and sodium free.

2.     Soda

Carbonated drinks or sodas are among the main rivals. They can mess up everything from your skin to your mood and hormones, from blood sugar levels. Forget about the ads and signs that say it’s good for you or have vitamins or nutrients in it. All it has is a bunch of sugars, coloring foods, and preservatives. Sugar-free versions are no better because they are filled with artificial sweeteners which are unhealthy. Buy a blender or a juice machine, and make your tea, please. And if you miss the bubbles, you can always add some sparkling water to your fruit juice homemade

3.     Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, you can find a lot of safer ways to make your cravings come true. Sugar is extremely addictive and can contribute to heart disease other than to spike the levels of glucose and produce fat. To lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease and more, avoid sugar as much as possible. Enjoy a bowl of fruit, or add the honey to your recipes instead of sugar.

4.     Deli Meats

Deli meats are filled with nitrates, sodium, preservatives, and additives such as salami, ham, bologna, and so on. All of these substances can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease , diabetes and even behavioral and learning problems for children. To that the harmful results, opt to buy meat from your own butcher instead of those from the supermarkets. And better yet, learn how to defend against them.

5.     Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is part of our diet and we don’t even think twice about it. But some of these oils are GMOs, and we have no idea of their long-term effects as yet. Vegetable oils also contain dangerous trans fats which can cause cardiovascular, obesity , cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Look for the label and keep it clear whether the oil is refined, as the label contains free radicals that can help cancer growth, accelerate aging and trigger any kind of problems. Look for safe choices such as coconut oil , olive oil and avocado oil.

6.     Margarine

The marketing is again responsible for BIG’s margarine misunderstandings. It’s not safe, Men! This is one of the unhealthiest foods you have. Cut it out, then! Margarine is like a very mischievous version of butter made with hydrogenated vegetable oils that is more unnatural, as you think. Simple chemistry. Simple chemistry. What, then, is that bad? These are trans fats that can harm your skin, your blood vessels and your cholesterol. Switch to butter for safer choice. Further healthy alternatives are olive oil and agroalganic oils that you can spread on your bread. Please do stop margarine!

7.     Hot Dogs

Hot dogs and associated smoked and salted meat contain many preservatives that reduce your wellbeing. The Doctors’ Control Committee was evaluating the effect of eating hot dogs on smoking cigarettes. If you are still not sure of the high sodium content of hot dogs and the contaminants that raise the risk of cancer, you should be conscious. If you can’t stop, at least make sure you get organic butchers or farmers to chemically free your pets.

8.     Potato Chips

All deep fried foods contain a harmful substance called acrylamide. Potato chips are no exception. Acrylamide increases the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and rectal cancer. To avoid or make the potato chips in a healthy form at home. Put some olive oil on sliced potatoes, sprinkle with salt and bake in oven. Bake them in the oven. We guarantee it is delicious.

9.     Bottled Salad Dressings

Bottled salad dressings consist of sugar , high syrup of fructose corn and artificial colours. You may also have to eat a bag of chips or a hot dog after you drown your salad. Draw the bottled salad dressings, use lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar along with some olive oil for a healthy dressing.

10. Artificial Sweeteners

No, sugar can’t be better than these. In reality they also get worse. Artificial sweeteners including aspartame, neotame, potassium acesulfame, etc. can contain fewer calories, but the risk of diabetes , high blood pressure, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome can still increase. You may not have realized that many sugar-free gums contain aspartame which is considered to be the most toxic substance in the world. Rice has healthy alternatives such as rice, maple syrup and agave syrup, to name just a few.

11. Alcohol

We ‘re sorry to break this down for you and others will disagree again but there are no health benefits of alcohol. It is extremely high in calories, can cause fatigue, liver damage, weight gain, depression and skin problems. Not to mention the poor decisions that you make when you’re under pressure. So, believe in the daily marketing and drinking if you want to damage all of your systems, from the brain to the liver to the skin. Evite it anyway.

12. White Bread, Refined Flours

Nice grains, aren’t they? And bread needs to be healthy too? Okay, not unless the bread is white made of refined flours. White flour is stripped of all the nutritious fibers, minerals , and vitamins, so what you get is grain waste mixed with chemicals to render the white color nice. But behind that lies the possibility of weight gain, thyroid damage and organ damage. Go full grain instead!

13. Dairy

Yes, Milk is the first food we eat when we’re brought into this world. Yet a mother’s milk is a lot different from a cow’s mom’s milk. Hence we are increasing the exposure of lactose as we age. Low absorption of nutrients, migraines, arthritis , cancer, allergies and asthma are associated with dairy products. So again, forget those smart marketing tricks. Turn to coconut or almond milk, it tastes amazing and won’t slowly consume you like cow’s milk.

14. Barbecued Meats

The smell of the barbecue may be hard to resist but please try it. The chemicals which penetrate the meat are associated with the risk of pancreatic cancer and the risk of breast cancer throughout the process. If you can’t stop, try to minimize the consumption of barbecued beef, and consider adding some rosemary to your hamburger to reduce the volume and number of carcinogens.

15. Energy Bars

For athletes who need a rapid burst of energy, energy bars may be necessary, but if that’s not you, try resisting these delicious calorie bombs. Energy bars contain tons of sugar (we used to think about sugar), high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and can include trans-fats. So this is basically candy which is full of artificial calories, sugar and additives. That is to say, the time bomb is ticking.

16. Fast Food

Fast food definitely tastes fine, it’s pretty cheap and it’s all over the place. Yet what makes the taste so perfect? Those are the very things that slowly kill you: trans-fats, sugar , salt, preservatives, pesticides, colorants and other chemicals that improve the looks and taste of this food. Fast food can affect your risk of diabetes , heart disease , cancer, mood, weight gain, metabolism, and so on. So try cutting fast food off, at least.

17. Wheat

Wheat contains a starch, which unexpectedly and significantly raises the blood sugar levels. It triggers excessive insulin production and a weight gain. Over time, the pancreas will get overworked and you’ll become insulin-resistant, and then you can get diabetes. And high blood sugar levels cause the development of compounds which will speed up the aging process and give you wrinkled skin. So, you’ll age faster and be prone to diabetes, which is a big problem in itself.

18. Breakfast Cereals

We blame the ads for this yet again. Breakfast cereals aren’t as innocuous as their happy cheerful colors and inside toys would say. They actually contain sugar, artificial colouring, preservatives, GMO products and even lack the nutrients they had before manufacturing. Instead try the oatmeal with some fresh or dried fruit. It tastes amazing and it is amazing for you too.

19. Commercial Fruit Juices

Don’t believe the big shiny labels that say 100 per cent fruit. Most of the secret’s in fine print. Commercial fruit juice also contains added sugar, colouring, preservatives and can lose its nutrients during pasteurization. Finding a trusted local juice bar or making your own homemade fruit juice is your best bet. We’ll move on to the first one. Have fun, and explore new tastes.

20. Salt

Salt is a big part of controlling our blood pressure. If you eat too much salt, then you will have high blood pressure and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, one of the leading causes of death in the world. So, don’t remove all the salt in processed foods because your body still needs it, just limit the sodium levels and look out for them. Only 3.75 grams of sodium a day is a safe, sufficient amount. Anything over 6 grams presents a significant health threat.



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