15 types of girl friend we all have

But trust me, It is not their fault, they just want to be called “your’s forever” they can’t stand any girl getting their way to take you away from them.

They have a gift of touching your heart, to the extent that, anytime or any moment you think about breaking up with them, you always realize that your life is boring without them, if you check yourself deeply, you will realize that you like the drama they do bring. It is then you would realize you have adapted to their ways already.

Teasing and play with sarcasm combined makes many relationships exciting and fun, which definitely will make it last for a long period of time. But lack of teasing and play makes relationships to be boring, i don’t think any sane person will like that.

Here are some personalities some of our girlfriends have:

1. The Tender Loving Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is caring, gentle and careful in showing love, her voice is very feminine, like that of a baby cat, she is interested about one thing or the other, she try by all means to make you love what she love, even if you have no interest in it, you will still do it for her, just to show her your love, affection and caring too.

2. The Romantic Girlfriend:

She is always happy around you, especially when you two are in the public, she like to hold your hands or doing some romantic act publicly just to show everyone that she is the rightful owner of her boo, she love teasing and playing like a baby, She may even argue with you about heights, even though she know she is shorter than you are; she will still claim to be the tallest. Isn’t that romantic?

3. The Pretty Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is very pretty, very calm, smart and a brilliant mind, people around you keep wondering how you even got her, everytime you observe how pretty she is, you tell yourself “you still can’t believe you finally won her heart” Her beauty alone boosts your self-esteem.

4. The clean Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is absolutely clean, she always make sure things are put in place, whenever she come visiting. Although dating a very clean girl come with consequences, don’t even think of messing the room with a piece of dirty, because that will be the topic of argument for the day. if you are the type that live life recklessly, your life will be on the verge of transformation, you must learn to be clean!.

5. The Drama Queen Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend love drama, she crave for attention, cry at your presence, always want you to be at her defense, crave for your care all the time, at a point in time, you might think you are acting a movie. But people only complement what they see, they don’t know what is happening behind the scene. But you still have to be there for her no matter what, because you still love her.

6. The Attention Seeking Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend love too much attention, everything have to be about her, you must complement her everyday. Even when you want to watch your football match on TV, and she noticed you are not giving her a listening ear, well you know what will happen next.

7. The Insecure Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is always insecure around you, she questions every thing you do, she want to be your center of attraction and attention, your most prettiest girl, you better have a bundle of patients, if not you won’t make it to the promise land.

8. The Crazy Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is very crazy, she is crazy, awesome and possess many other qualities that will make you confused who she really is, she is unpredictable and charming. Even after a breakup with her, you will still want to makeup.

9. The Jealous Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is the queen of jealousy, you should not even think of complementing another girl at her presence or else it will not end well with you. You have to choose her as your first priority because she believe you belong to her alone.

10. The Nun Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is a religious girlfriend, she make sure you introduce her to your siblings or your parents and she also do the same, she always want you to be practicing your religious belief. You have to adapt to her way of life or else you sign out.

11. The Smart Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is very smart, suspicious and intelligent, so any little thing you do; she is very sharp to notice it, she understand when you do something wrong, but she is still willing to ride for you with your flaws.

12. The Hard Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is very tough, stubborn and crazy, although she have an advantage sometimes, she is always ready to be beside her man no matter what; when another girl disrespect her man she is always ready to take care of her. She is supportive of her man no matter what.

13. The Over Reacting Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend have no chill at all when it come to her man, Have your girlfriend mistakenly warned your cousin or your blood sister with the thought of being her rival before?, She is the one am talking about.

14. The Boss Girlfriend:

This girlfriend is always mad at you for not doing something right, but when she do the same there is always an excuse, she can be demanding and commanding at the same time.

15. The Dectective Spy Girlfriend:

This type of girlfriend is like an interrogative officer, she usually check your Email, Facebook, WhatsApp messages, she is always finding evidence against you.

Which one among the list above do your girlfriend or you as the girlfriend display?



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    Bottom line is that they are nice

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    The fact is that we can be any

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    Girls are really nice…you just have to press the right buttons

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    Nice info, thanks for sharing

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    We all have our differences but deep down we still that loving,caring girlfriend.

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    The real fact

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    Nice Piece

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    Nice piece.i don’t even know where i fall in

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    Nice article

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    All girls are actress

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    This is so true and I am the loving and tender girlfriend

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    Girls all have their differences and that makes them unique

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