10,000 COVID-19 positive cases cured in 24 hrs: Government issues tips to fight corona stigma

During the last 24 hours, 10,215 coronavirus patients were cured while the total number of confirmed cases across the country stands at 3,43,019. Read on to know more.

In recent days, India has seen an alarming surge in COVID-19 positive cases. However, according to the Ministry of health, the country is faring well in the fight against the deadly contagion. Pointing out that as many as 10,215 coronavirus patients were cured in the last 24 hours to take the national total in this category to 1,80,012, the central government on Tuesday announced six tips to fight the stigma associated with the deadly disease.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHF) issued the tips through a detailed illustrated guide, saying that ‘rumours and misinformation create more stress and can hamper COVID-19 recovery’. The guide aims to address the issue of stigma faced by corona patients as well as cured persons, frontline healthcare providers and their families. The Ministry pointed out that the pandemic is a public health emergency that is causing a lot of stress to people and admitted that this is a difficult time for everyone. It also said that he recovery rate had risen to 52.47 per cent, which is indicative of the fact that ‘more than half of positive cases’ have recovered. Also Read – Details of COVID-19 hospitals will be available online soon: Nodal officer appointed for the job

During the last 24 hrs, 10,215 coronavirus patients were cured while the total number of confirmed cases across the country stands at 3,43,019, the Ministry said. Currently, 1,53,178 active cases are under medical supervision as compared with 1,80,012 cured cases. Also Read – 1 in 5 people worldwide at risk of severe COVID-19, says new Lancet study

Dos And Don’ts In The Fight Against Coronavirus

The Ministry has given three dos and three don’ts. Let us see what they are here. The first three are things that you need to do. It is meant to keep up morale and help people in their fight against the disease. The last three are things that you need to avoid doing.

Be appreciative and supportive of the efforts made by frontline workers
Verify information from a reliable source such as the MoHFW website.
Share positive stories of those who have recovered from COVID-19.
Stop the spread of misinformation.
Do not label any individual, group or area for corona spread
Do not spread the name, identity, locality of persons affected or under quarantine.
A Few Other Facts And Tips

The Ministry guide also talks about things that people should know about COVID-19. Although this viral disease is highly contagious, you can protect yourself by following preventive measures such as social distancing, washing hands frequently with soap and water and wearing a face cover.

Despite precautions, if a person contracts COVID-19, it is not his or her fault. Anyone is susceptible to contracting the disease, no one needs to be blamed. In situations of distress, the patients and the family need support and cooperation. Be a well-wisher to those in isolation or quarantine and their families.



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