100 Ways To Put Yourself On the Road to Success

All things that are the “best” in their respective areas seem to always share the same DNA or template. For example, the fastest race cars in the world all have very similar bodies, tires and general function. The most powerful supercomputers in the world all have similar layouts, circuitry, and use. That is why it makes sense that the most successful people in the world also share many skills and habits.

But after writing many posts on success in your typical essay format way. I wanted to create a list of these “similarities” that successful people share. So that if replicated, like the best racecar or the most powerful supercomputer. A person could copy the template and mold themself into a successful person. I also find lists to be more memorable and effective for self-help as they are short and concise. Small advice you remember and act on is always better than long detailed advice you forget.

This post below will give 100 ways to put yourself on the road to success. You have the freedom to pick and choose and start where you are most comfortable. The goal is to stick to your own pace and one by one incorporate this DNA for success into your own life.

100 Ways To Put Yourself On the Road to Success:

In no particular order:

1. Set daily goals for yourself

2. Always take risks and chase success

3. Surround yourself with successful individuals

4. Focus on your goals and make your life goal-oriented

5. Imagine and visualize yourself being successful

6. Make a plan or blueprint for success

7. Be spontaneous and listen to your gut

8. Work with the flow of things

9. Stay away from distractions. Moreover, understand that your time is limited

10. Remove any false beliefs and ideologies

11. Develop self-confidence

12. Be open to new types of thinking

13. Improve your social skills

14. Be relevant and always up to date

15. Accept failure and learn from it

16. Be persistent and develop a relentless motor

17. Be flexible to your environment

18. Always take care of yourself

19. Exercise and maintain good physical health

20. Become educated and continuously strive to learn new things

21. Be both books smart and street smart

22. Strive to be successful for the right reasons

23. Speak the truth and be honest

24. Optimize your sleeping habits

25. Always believe in yourself and your abilities

26. Develop a routine and follow it

27. Manage your time

28. Be patient, calm and collected

29. Develop a goal-oriented approach

30. Have a strong desire to attain success

31. Think positive and make success your ultimate goal

32. Don’t make excuses for yourself

33. Be committed to your dreams. Always.

34. Always be learning

35. Dream bigger than big

36. Focus on opportunities rather than failure

37. Always remember that obstacles are only temporary

38. Visualize your desired process and desired end goal

39. Be willing to be different than the rest

40. Become proactive and bold

41. Create a successful mindset.

42. Play to your strengths while working on your weaknesses

43. Take a leap of faith

44. Learn and grow from feedback

45. Prioritize your time

46. Be mentally active and engaged

47. Find mental peace

48. Break down goals into smaller manageable chunks

49. Closely monitor your progress

50. Have an optimistic perspective on life

51. Communicate more effectively

52. Find people you can trust and rely on

53. Give generously and share what you have

54. Set time limits and restrictions on yourself

55. Find the purpose of your life or goal

56. Find the passion behind your goal

57. Always study successful people and imitate their positive attributes

58. Accept failure and learn from your mistakes

59. Remove fear and doubt from your thinking

60. Develop an inner locus of control

61. Commit to your journey

62. Take responsibility. Specifically, for your actions, ideas, and thoughts

63. Don’t procrastinate

64. Always be a hard worker

65. Always be bound by time

66. Don’t be addicted to anything. Furthermore, take control of your life

67. Be as productive as possible

68. Don’t oversleep. Don’t under sleep

69. Play sports and participate in extracurricular activities

70. Don’t waste time doing unnecessary things

71. Be dedicated to the task at hand and give your 100%

72. Never quit. Never stop

73. View failure as feedback

74. Develop an open perspective

75. Persevere

76. Organize your mind and thoughts

77. Learn to control your emotions

78. Improve your self-esteem

79. Shun bad-habits and replace them with good ones

80. Use your resources wisely

81. Become comfortable with yourself. Similarly, be comfortable with your surroundings

82. Learn how to make people like you

83. Depend on your instincts

84. Think things through

85. Be flexible and open to change

86. Be open to opinions and strong personalities

87. Identify your weaknesses

88. Solve problems

89. Don’t dwell on the negative

90. Be altruistic and care for others

91. Always be 100% there

92. Overcome rejection

93. Always be humble

94. Make your goals public

95. Find support in others

96. Silence your inner critic

97. Always identify the most important tasks and complete them first

98. Learn how to remove stress as well as anxiety from your life

99. Don’t be scared to take the leap

100. Pray and remember God.

I hope you enjoyed this list of action items you can take to put yourself on the road to success. You can not become successful overnight. Success requires hard work, perseverance, and very strong willpower . The decision is now yours to choose whether you want to become successful or if you want to waste your talents. Every person in life faces many forks on the road to success. It’s time for you to  take a stand and make decisions to do things that will help you reach your true full potential!




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