10 good Phones that are less than 30,000 Naira


The prices of flagship-class smartphones have skyrocketed over the past few years, and it isn’t shocking at all to see people spend more than Rs. 70,000 for the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel models. Thankfully, if your budget isn’t quite so generous, you can get very nearly the same performance, features, and style for less than half as much. The sub-Rs. 30,000 category has plenty of options, and some of the recently launched models at this price level even boast of features that much more expensive flagships don’t have yet.

If you can spend up to Rs. 30,000, you can get yourself a phone that does it all. You don’t have to compromise on camera quality, battery life, or modern conveniences. Some of our picks for the best smartphones priced below Rs. 30,000 might surprise you with their features, such as the Vivo V15 Pro’s pop-up selfie camera and in-display fingerprint sensor, or the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)’s four rear cameras.

We review hundreds of smartphones each year and put them through a number of tests to see whether they’re good enough to recommend. We check out their performance, cameras, displays, batteries, software, and physical construction quality, and we also tell you everything you need to know about how they hold up in day-to-day use. The following phones have scored the highest across the board, so you know that you’re getting the best possible bang for your buck.

Here are our current picks for the best smartphones priced below Rs. 30,000.

Phones can be unreasonably expensive; many times we find out that having a costly phone does not necessarily mean having an amazing phone experience. It is the phone experience that counts.

A phone should meet your needs, should keep you happy, be fast, have enough storage, take awesome pictures, and its battery should last long. It is difficult to find phones that do all these, and even more difficult for the not too high budget.

Here are 10 phones that, though they cost less than 30,000 naira, are still able to give you a magical phone experience…and more.

1. Gionee M6 Mini

This professional looking phone, immediately draws you into a fantasy world of high technology mobile devices, has Android 8.1 Go edition with 5.45′ inch display. It has an impressive battery power of 4000mAh, and a cool 5MP camera for both the front and rear cameras.

An even cooler thing about it is that it goes for the low price of 25,000 naira.

2. Qubo P6

I know it sounds weird (like Kubo, Do you remember Kubo and the two strings, the cartoon?) but, it has a nice interface which provides excellent experience. The RAM is 1GB and the main storage is an awesome 16GB. Its battery power is 4500mAh.

A nice thing about Qubo P6, that I am sure you will also admire, is that its Android version is Android 9, definitely not a common thing at this price.

It goes for 28,000 naira. Be sure to check it out.

3. Tecno Pop 2F (B1F)

Tecno, from the time it was launched, has provided the people of the world with phones designed with people’s problems in mind. Always, Tecno launched awesome phones that are also popular which is not a surprising thing since Tecno cares for their customers.

Tecno POP 2F is another popular Tecno phone and goes for 25,000 naira (Doesn’t this remind you of Tecno W3, that beautiful phone that was pulled heartlessly from the market. Till today I mourn W3.)

Tecno POP 2F is known for smooth operation and lots of value. It almost never has any problems. Its Android version is 8.1 go edition. The battery power is the average 2400mAh.

4. Itel P33

This phone stands out because of the extra value that it gives to users. The battery power is 4000mAh, which is a cool thing. And it gives 1GB for RAM and 8GB for the ROM – I agree that this is a bit on the low side. But, to make up for the relatively low storage, its battery power (4000mAh) is impressive.

5. Nokia C1

Nokia has made a name for itself for the delivery of value packed mobile phones. From the get go, Nokia phones have always been reliable and this one is not an exception. Nokia C1 has the Android version of 9.0 pie. It is amazing to find Android 9.0 at this price range. And it goes on to have 1GB for RAM and 16GB for ROM. The battery power is 2500mAh.

6. Itel A14 Max

This is the cheapest phone in this mix as it goes for only 17,000 naira.

Do not underestimate this phone because of the price. The battery power is 3000mAh, higher than many phones. It packs a whopping 16GB in storage and allows for up to 32GB external storage. Its Android version is 8.1, an impressive feat to achieve.

In fact, this phone, despite is small screen size, is small but mighty.

7. Itel A22

This Itel phone may be cheap but it is amazing. It supports 4G LTE (Okay, that is more than many phones can do.) On top of that, it has a 2400mAh battery power (also a good one), and 16GB ROM. Its Android version is 8.1 go edition. This phone is beautiful with so much value. Check it out.

8. Lenovo Vibe Z2

It is not common to see Lenovo phones but the ones which are available pack a lot of value and so does Lenovo Vibe Z2.

An amazing thing about this phone is that it has 2GB for RAM and 32GB for ROM. Its camera is an amazing 13MP for the back camera. And it supports 4GB. It also has an impressive battery power of 3000mAh.

Lenovo Vibe Z2 is impressive all round; it has this beautiful and flat display, and like all Lenovo devices, it is very light.

I cannot say enough how this phone amazes me. Check it out.

9. Itel A33

It has an impressive 16GB for storage; its Android version is 8.1 go edition. The camera is 5mp for rear and 2MP for the front. Also, it has a battery power of 2400mAh which is an average one. You can visit Jumia to buy or see more of product descriptions.

10. Tecno F1

As usual, Tecno delivers an amazing phone in the form of Tecno F1. It has the Android version of 8.1 Oreo and boasts of an 8GB ROM in storage space.

It is a nice, flat, pretty phone with a nice graphic user interface and it is a joy to operate. It also has an amazing 5 inch display screen. You could check it out on Jumia. Enjoy.

In Conclusion…

So, as I conclude my conclusion (tell me this was funny), I hope you have found the next phone to buy, that, even though of low budget, would be the love of your life.




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