10 Foods you should be eating if you really want to lose weight in Nigeria

10 Foods you should be eating if

Visiting the hospital is best to assess the severity of a specialist ‘s condition and go for proper medical treatment than resorting to any of these herbal remedies that might eventually exacerbate the problem. One word suffices for the wise. Just what you cook, and drink. It’s not gold all that glitters. Please be advised. If you see this post as interesting, please don’t cover it. Share with your friends, family, and loved ones. It’s a condition that can affect your job, relationships, and other day-to-day activities — even increasing your stress levels. To live a safe and fulfilling life you need to make sure you handle your weight properly.Developing a good weight loss regimen begins with understanding the fundamentals behind any healthy diet; what you eat is almost as important as how much you eat. Different body foods move through different metabolic pathways, which can have wide-ranging effects on appetite, hormones, and how many calories we consume.

Shedding all the weight that is becoming a massive hassle may seem like a daunting task, but knowing which foods are ideal for weight loss makes things so much easier. And if the weight-reduction plan goes well, you ‘re going to get an extra lift from the right food options and help you achieve your goals faster. You are also cutting back on the amount of time you need to spend in the gym, making the fitness ride smoother.

These 16 foods are sure to help you drop those unwanted pounds in no time.

1. Oats

A quick breakfast with oatmeal can be more than enough not only to please you but also to help avoid hunger and keep you satisfied for longer. Aside from stopping you from over-eating, it is a fiber-filled chuck that is useful for daily bowel movement and reduction of water retention. The grains also produce high-resistance starch that helps to burn fat (and decreases fat storage) while keeping insulin levels down, as it does not cause a rise in blood sugar (as compared with refined carbohydrates).

2. Brown Rice

Rice is so much of our everyday diet that it is almost difficult to skip it entirely when we die. This makes brown rice a very good alternative to white, high-calorie rice which is more popular. It’s a tender, fiber-filled, low-energy-density meal that ensures it’s thick and full, but low in calories. It has a rich supply of energizing vitamins that enhance metabolism and help you burn calories faster. It is also made of proteins that strengthen the muscle, perfect for flattening the belly and toning.

3. Fruits

They ‘re for every one new, juicy and nice. We produce natural sugars-much more than sugars that are refined. These also have low energy density and take some time to chew – ensuring you’ll feel better for longer with less calorie intake. There are a variety of fruits to choose from and various fruits contribute to different ways of maximizing the effects of the weight loss plan. They can also be blended in a fruit salad for greater flexibility and effect.

4. Beans

It’s relatively inexpensive , easy to use and can be prepared in more than a couple of ways. Beans can be a readily available choice when attempting to achieve the weight loss goals, loaded with nutrients to max, low in calories and high in protein. Perfect for loosening muscles and keeping your body toned. This will also reduce the levels of “poor” LDL cholesterol in the blood associated with increased blood pressure. It also contains some resistant starch that helps in weight loss.

5. Low-Fat Yogurt

If you choose to lose weight, sweet, low-fat yogurt is an ideal food alternative. It is stacked with probiotics – useful bacteria – that help to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by your body. It tries to lose excess weight quickly, and workout even more efficiently. It has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and also aids in bloating and stomach pain-reducing digestion. More so, low-fat yogurt is low-calorie and full of protein that’s perfect for muscle building.

6. Coffee

A lot of people already drink a cup of coffee every morning to wake them up and give them the jolt they need to get going but did you know that coffee can help you lose weight? In addition to improving alertness, caffeine in coffee encourages increased lipase – an enzyme that increases fat breakdown either by digestion or through exercise – which promotes weight loss. Coffee also reduces the amount of fat the body consumes and provides antioxidants that can improve metabolism. Because caffeine is a diuretic it also helps the body get rid of excess fluids and waste materials.A healthy bowel move is needed for successful weight loss. Caution should be taken, however, if you intend to take coffee, as its intake has been correlated with obesity, asthma , diabetes, adverse medication encounters, etc.

7. Low-fat Milk

Low-fat milk has a high content of calcium and protein, making it a good meal for those wishing to lose weight quickly. Calcium is very effective in speeding up the process of weight loss, and will greatly boost your gym efforts. “The more calcium in a fat cell, the more calories the cell can absorb — and the greater the weight loss,” says Michael Zemel, Ph.D. , director of The Nutrition Institute at Tennessee University of Knoxville, who is actually the hero of this story. It also helps to lower appetite, meaning you feel the need to eat less. In a report by the American Society for Nutrition, six scientists reported that “adding calcium, [with or without protein], suppresses appetite and causes overcompensation of the corresponding energy intake.” The protein content is also a good source of low-calorie, slow-release energy that ensures you feel better in smaller servings, without consuming excessive calories. Drink a glass of milk with meals or work-milk in your preparation with excellent milk-based dishes, and watch all that fat disappear.

8. Fish

Oily fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel are very rich sources of healthy fats, protein, and other important nutrients that add no unnecessary calories to your body. We also control the amount of Leptin-a hormone burning fat-increasing weight loss as well. The omega-3 fatty acids from the fish are good for reducing blood pressure and enhancing heart function. It also helps to reduce inflammation in your body, increasing recovery after a good workout – which in the long run can lead to further muscle building that will improve metabolism. Additionally, the iodine content helps preserve high metabolism as it contributes to regular thyroid function.

9. Whole Eggs

Eggs are already a huge part of our breakfast routines, and protein-filled food is a perfect choice for those trying to lose weight quickly. You can eat less for the longer, and feel more balanced, and the nutrients in the yolk are a mini-meal. This also increases fat burning and holds weight at bay in the belly. Worried about cholesterol levels? There is nothing else to be afraid of. This has comparable amounts of cholesterol for other proteins and does not raise the risk of heart disease. Nonetheless, excessive consumption can be unhealthy and for an adult, an average of 2-3 per week should be safe. Boil until the yokes are bright yellow, and when you achieve your goals, reap full nutrients.

10. Boiled Potatoes

Whether you’re a sweet potato fan or prefer Irish potatoes, it doesn’t matter, they all contain resistant starch which is great for quick weight loss! They ‘re full of carbohydrates but also high in protein, allowing you to be satiated for a longer period – and not eating sweets – for less amount than your normal carbohydrates. Yet, not overindulging is a good thing. And if you eat a little too many of them, the most calorie-friendly meals will start to add up. Avoid frying them, and eat the fiber-rich skin on the boiled ones.

On a final note…

Be sure to drink plenty of water, and avoid sodas or sweet drinks. Water is good to fill you and you’ll eat less and not have calories or added sugars. Shouldn’t forget to follow your diet and exercise regularly to maximize the effects of these superfoods. You should both get trimmed and be safe



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